Meeting arrangements

Last update: Jan.10, 2013    By: J.M. Díaz Nafría

Consortium Meetings shall be held -since Autumn 2012- using a video-conference system (WebEx), which does not require any software pre-instalation. It suffices following a link that shall be sent in advance to each convened partner. The capacity and stability is good enough to held a friction less meetings with the possibility of sharing: voice, camera, text-chat and desktop (including therefore presentations, documents...)

In order to arrange the meetings, doodle pools shall be used to fit virtual-room availability as well as everyone's agenda. Invitations and reminders will be sent to this end.

For more localised meetings, skype conferences can be used. Use the following data-book for accessing to other members contact data: spreadsheet. Please leave yours, if you have not done it before.

Video-concerence used in the first consortium meetings Autum 2010

DomusBITae virtual room was opened between Nov. 3th and Nov. 23th, 2010 to arrange any formal or informal meeting between whatever working group, for instance, for discussing the contents of the parts composing the  system. TIME AVAILABILITY was recorded following a link sent to each member.
ConferenceMe Connection guidelines
To stablish connection via IP VIDEO-CONFERENCE TERMINAL the following technical details are required corresponding to a virtual room opened until  November 23rd:
    • IP adress:
    • Room name: DomusBITae
    • Room ID: 282011
    • PIN: 282011
The meeting can also be attended through video-streaming via a conventional URL connection. In this page you will find a guide to install the application which is needed to enter into the meeting room (click here to access directly).
José María Díaz Nafría,
Dec 11, 2010, 12:19 PM
José María Díaz Nafría,
Dec 11, 2010, 12:19 PM