Open/Submitted Proposals

For funding support we are working on/have submitted proposals to the following public programmes:

International programmes

Programme / ThemeCallProposal status
Lifelong Learning Programme (Action: Erasmus Multilateral Projects)Deadline: 31/01/2013, 12pm
Fiche of the action line
Following the former idea, the interdisciplinary aspects are broaden and the educational objective is stressed. New cooperation with system science scientific. See proposal
FP7 Intrastructures (theme: Data infrastructures for e-Science)Deadline: November 23, 2010In this thematic line, no other call is envisaged before 2012.
Calls page
A tentative proposal was presented on 23/11/2010, though its draft character will only allow feedback from evaluators. It corresponds to the most advanced version of the project work plan at the international level. See proposal
FP7 Infrastructures (theme: Virtual Research Communities) Last call with deadline in November 2009, more calls are envisaged but not yet convened. Calls page A draft Proposal was developed following the guidelines for this programme in December 2009 and sent to FP7 directorate for feedback. See draft proposal
FP7 ICT-Chalenge 4 (theme: digital libraries and content), it corresponds partially to the objectives of domusBITae. Open call: 18/01/2010
Call 7 (untill 18/01/2011) | Open FP7-ICT calls page
Proposal: not prepared. Considering the inter-community glossary as a new procedure for scientific peer-reviewing combined with a repository, a proposal could be submitted in next calls. 
FP7 ICT-FET open scheme (Future Emerging Technologies)Open call in which short proposal can be presented at any time. See callProposal: not started yet.
ALFA III (programme of co-operation between Higher Education Institutions of the European Union and Latin America)Call with deadline 25/03/2011
See call pages
Proposal: The mutual understanding on information  supported by (i) the domusBITae infrastructure, (ii) the development of international and interdisciplinary studies devoted to information is proposed as a means to improve cross-communication between knowledge domains and to empower higher education in the information society.
See draft
COST (ESF), since the programme is aimed at networking ongoing- and supported scientific research, domusBITae is presented as networking activity.Open call (2 annual collecting dates), next collection: March 2011 
See open-call
The last proposal presented in September 2011 was not selected (submitted by BITrum, it can be accessed in BITrum private area). A different proposal is already started to be discussed. 
EUROCORES (ESF), theme proposal. Specialised infrastructures can be considered if they are essential for the development of the scientific programme. Annual call. Last collection: 14 May 2010
Next envisaged call: May 2011 
Call page
Proposal: a scientific programme was presented by BITrum in which domusBITae is considered as a needed infrastructure for developing collaborative work (it can be accessed in BITrum private area). Not selected.

National programmes (for first stages support)

Programme / Theme CallProposal status
Spanish national funding programme of the Ministry of Science and Innovation for Not Targeted Fundamental Research. Complemantary action Type B, aimed at articulating scientific communities to the European Research Area (ERA). Deadline: 15 April 2010. (specific callprogramme pages)
Next envisaged call: spring 2011
Go to proposal "Further national steps for building a global virtual community in information studies: domusBITae. Submitted in April 2010, not granted.
Spanish national funding programme of the Ministry of Science and Innovation for Not Targeted Fundamental Research. Complementay action Type D, aimed at proposal preparation for engagement of Spanish research teams into the European Research Frame. Deadline: 15 April 2010. 
(specific call, programme pages)
Next envisaged call: spring 2011 
Proposal: "DomusBITae. Buiding a virtual research community in information studies". Submitted in April 2010. Granted
Spanish national funding programme of the Ministry of Industry in the promotion  of the Information Society (plan AVANZA, theme: social digital contents)Deadline: 14 June 2010
Next envisaged call: spring 2010
Programme pages
For full development at a national level, planning a mid-term internalization of the virtual community under European Research Area support. Proposal: "domusBITae: virtual community for the promotion of a Sustainable Information Society". Not meeting participation criteria.  
Spanish funding programme for international Scientific infrastructures of the Ministry of Science Deadline: 23 June 2010
Next envisaged call: spring 2010
See call
For mid-term development of the infrastructure and aimed to internationalization of the proposed infrastracture. Proposal: "domusBITae: towards a virtual global community of research in information studies". Provisionally not selected.