Part D. Project Characteristics

D.1 Why does the consortium wish to undertake this project?


Rationale of and background to the project

Please outline the motivation behind your project, clearly identifying the specific needs or problems/challenges which it intends to solve. Explain why these needs/problems were selected over others, and how the project proposal fits within the development strategies of the partners involved.  Please include references to any declared regional, national, EU or international political priority in this area.

Also, please describe briefly how your project proposal was prepared (e.g., capitalising on previous experiences, based on achieved outcomes in former projects, following previous cooperation amongst the consortium members, etc.) (limit 6000 characters).



If your proposal is based on the results of one or more previous projects / networks, please provide precise references to this / these project(s) / network(s) in the table below.

Please add tables as necessary.

Reference number


Project / network dates

(year started and completed)


Programme or initiative


Title of the project / network


Coordinating organisation




Password / login if necessary for website


Please summarise the project / network outcomes and describe (a) how the new proposal seeks to build on them and, (b) how ownership / copyright issues are to be dealt with (limit 1000 characters).



Rationale for the setting-up of the consortium

Please explain why the selected partners are best suited to participate in this European project. Describe complementary skills, expertise and competences within the consortium directly relating to the planned project activities (limit 3000 characters).


Investigation of the field (state of the art) and innovative character

Please explain how the field of operation has been explored and indicate what the project is offering that is new and what are the main innovating elements (limit 3000 characters).



D.2 Aims and objectives

Please define the concrete aims and objectives of the project / network and describe the ways in which the situation set out under the previous section (D.1) will be changed. (limit 3000 characters).


D.3 Methodology

Please define the methodology proposed for achieving the objectives (including major milestones, measurable indicators, etc) (limit 3000 characters).



Please explain how the overall project management will be implemented making specific reference to the management structure of the partnership, how decisions will be taken and how the partnership proposes to ensure permanent and effective communication and reporting (limit 1000 characters).




D.4 European added value

Please describe the benefits of and need for European cooperation (limit 3000 characters).



D.5 Budget and cost effectiveness

Please describe the strategy adopted to ensure that the proposed results and objectives will be achieved in the most economical way. Explain the principals of budget allocation amongst partners. Indicate the arrangements adopted for financial management ((limit 3000 characters).