2. Objectives of the proposed action

Our plan for first stages pursues the following objectives:

1.         A scientific committee is to be summoned to constitute a significant representation of the scientific and technological needs of the international community;

2.         the initiative is to be supported by a critical mass of the international scientific community in information studies;

3.         a core system is to be developed to meet the needs of the community;

4.         for dissemination of the initiative, the scientific information of three representative communities at the international level is to be dumped in the developed core system;

5.         the initiative is to be presented to appropriate combination of national and European support programmes.

The necessity of two of the worldwide most relevant communities in Information Science (Foundations of Information Science, FIS, and the Science of Information Institute, SoII, Washington) for renewing their web-systems bring us on an opportunity to achieve the necessary impact. Due to the audience and centrality of these two communities, the expected impact of objective 3 (by extension of the initiative as a whole) would be hard to obtain otherwise.

As mentioned above, the Glossarium BITri (BITrum 2010) corresponds to the aim of achieving a mutual and trans-disciplinary understanding among communities in information studies. The growing attention paid by the scientific community to this recently appeared tool might also contribute to the achievement of the necessary and expected impacts (§5), therefore this will be the third community to be incorporated within domusBITae.

Since FIS is leaded by a Spanish researcher who is also part of BITrum, SoII is integrated by two of the co-proponents, and BITrum is leaded by the principal proposer, the fulfilment of this action 1) promotes the Spanish community in information studies as a leading party in the international scientific community in the field; 2) further a scientific and technical frame of major social relevance.