5. Preliminary core system design

After a survey on the necessities of several communities of information studies, a preliminary system design has been developed, conceived as a basis for further improvement and collaborative design through agreement of the target community.

The collection of tools of the proposed Domus BITae (illustrated in fig.2) aims at improving the virtual resources for the target global community in information studies. These tools should be specified in the competitive proposal but are not to be developed here. The technical-development purpose of this first stages proposal concerns what has been called “core system”, i.e. which gives access to activities and resources within the community itself and to the other communities and resources within DomusBITae frame (showed on the right of fig.3).

According to preliminary design, the web site of any community within Domus BITae should be articulated in the main sections: Home, About us, Resources, Activities, Groups, News, Partnership & Links; and each section, should provide access to the following information, resources or facilities (if DomusBITae is mentioned, it concerns access to some of the modules to be developed under international support programme):

1.         HOME should give a first and fast glance of:

         Brief description of What is the community about?                                       

         What is going on? brief description of activities.

         What is new? Latest news headlines.

         Access to main site areas and pages.

         Brief contact information and rights commentaries (CC, disclaimer link).

         LOGIN box, giving the possibility to broaden accesses, tools.

Which could be arranged as shown in the wire-frame of figure 2.


Figure 3: Home wire-frame

2.         ABOUT US, should give access to information concerning the structure, project and people integrating the community:

         Community STRUCTURE (boards…)


         MEMBERS: a) Membership types; b) LIST of members giving access to personal pages;

         Information for APPLICANTS: information & application form

         Contact us

3.         RESOURCES, should provide open access to resources of scientific and social relevance and also to others of private scope concerning the activities within the community:

         Access to REPOSITORY (Domus BITae)

         Specific resources: a) public (documents published by the community); b) private (formats & procedures)

         SHARED GLOSSARY (Domus BITae) for conceptual clarification, theory disambiguation, and multi-facet approach to informational problems

4.         ACTIVITIES, should provide access to information concerning activities in which the community is or has been involved:

         RESEARCH activities: a) Areas of interest; b) Projects; c) Applications (enterprises and public funding).


         ACADEMIC / educational




5.         GROUPS, should provide access to facilities enabling collaborative work, by sharing information, agenda, etc.:

         Access to WORKING GROUPS (Domus BITae) sites

         Access to MEETING ROOM (Domus BITae)

6.         NEWS, related to community activities or the area of interest :

         Resume panel

         Archive of news

7.         Partnership & LINKS

         Access to DIRECTORY OF COMMUNITIES in Information Studies (Domus BITae)

         Links to the most involved communities / institutions


Within this structure, any particular section might be highlighted in visible menus, in order to improve visibility, e.g., research, publishing or forum, depending on the importance within the group activity (for example, Discussion list in FIS, Glossarium in BITrum)