Spanish support: Intern. Infrastructures

Updated: 25/June/2010

: Internationalization of the research and development, national plan of research, Spanish Ministry of Science
Subprogramme: international Scientific infrastructures  

Objective (of concerning support subprogramme): Empowering the Spanish participation at preparatory, design and deployment stages of the international infrastructure.

Deadline: 23 June 2010.                                                                         State: submitted on 23 June 2010

Proposal title: domusBITae: towards a global virtual research community in information studies

  • José María Díaz, Francisco Salto: Coordination, Networking (Universidad de León)
  • Leticia Barrionuevo: Repository (Universidad de León)
  • Félix Barrio: Working Groups toolkit; Software quality, security and accessibility concerns (INTECO)
  • José Antonio Moreiro: Glossary inter-communitary (Universidad Carlos III)
  • Mario Pérez-Montoro: Overall design, Content Manager, Usability design (Universitat de Barcelona)
Principal Investigator: José María Díaz

Requesting Institution: Universidad de León (Associated: INTECO, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidad Carlos III)

First the scientific-technological realm, to which domusBITae initiative appeals, is presented, arguing its scientific, technical and social interest. As grounding of the proposed virtual community, it is identified the field of information studies -as starting point- and the promotion of a Interdisciplinary Science of Information -as a long term objective-. A brief description of the research and development team of the consortium action is presented arguing its suitability as well as the relevancy and opportunity of the pursued development, rooted on the expected potential impacts which are identify as a itinerary for the success of the initiative.

The fundamentals of the strategy are exposed, framed in the development of the international infrastructure and according to its strategical development. The tools constituting the proposed virtual research community pursue -against the current fragmentation of the target scientific community-: sharing resources ans result, improving communication, fostering discussion, scientific knowledge & innovation, disseminating results and promoting cooperative research. To this end the creation of bibliographic tools (repository), of clarification and multidimensional treatment of problems (glossary), of bridges between scientific communities (directory), of tools for self-organizing cooperation (working groups toolbox), of scientific publication and dissemination (community content manager).

The possibilities of internationalization of this virtual community, based on the already joined collaboration, represent a singular opportunity for driving an endeavour maximally urgent in the context of the information society, which problems demand an interdisciplinary treatment of information in all its aspects (sintactical, semantical and pragmatical).

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José María Díaz Nafría,
Jun 25, 2010, 5:10 PM