Spanish support (Avanza): domusBITae

Updated: 15/June/2010

: Strategy action in telecommunications and Information society of the National Research Plan / Ministry of Industry
Subprogramme: AVANZA plan, digital contents of social interest. 

Objective (of concerning support subprogramme): Generation of innovative digital contents of social interest driven to further the implantation of the Information Society within citizenship, promoting the creation of open spaces to the innovation with the development of projects and sustainable alternatives.

Call: BOE, No. 110, 6/05/2010. Access to call (Templates are attached below)

Deadline: 14 June 2010.                                                                         State: submitted on 14 June 2010

Proposal title: domusBITae: virtual community for the promotion of a Sustainable Information Society

  • José María Díaz, Francisco Salto: Coordination, Networking (Universidad de León)
  • Leticia Barrionuevo: Repository (Universidad de León)
  • BITrum: scientific board
  • Félix Barrio: Working Groups toolkit; Software quality, security and accessibility concerns (AEIS-INTECO)
  • José Antonio Moreiro: Glossary inter-communitary (Universidad Carlos III)
  • Mario Pérez-Montoro: Overall design, Content Manager, Usability design (Universitat de Barcelona)
Principal Investigator: José María Díaz
Requesting Institution: Universidad de León (Associated: BITrum, AEIS-INTECO, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidad Carlos III)

The proposal (rooted in the collaboratio of a set of national and international research groups in information studies, involved in the interdisciplinary understanding of information and its practic repercussions) put forward the creation of a virtual community to build the necessary bridges to achive an effective and coherent approach to information. It aims at addressing the problems of the information society -and the information in general- in order to: (i) achive -from the science and technology pole- a better understanding and treatment of information and its relation with other maximally relevant problems (as communication, knowledge, economic management, cooperation, etc) and (ii) translate -from the citizenship- the actual social interest regarding information issues, and at the same time providing an orientation on that to which citizens devote much of their lifes, i.e. to deal with information.
All domusBITae modules are are planned to be development, namely content manager (UB), directory (BITrum), repository (ULE), WG toolkit (INTECO) and inter-community glossary (UC3).

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José María Díaz Nafría,
Jun 15, 2010, 9:44 AM