Tasks distribution draft

Last update: Jan.17, 2013    By: J.M. Díaz Nafría
These are the main tasks to be tackle and the teams preliminary involved (designated by their acronyms):
  • Coordination and Management WP: ULE
  • Implementation WPs:
    • Development of cooperative tools & Usability assurance: UAE
    • Open innovation tools: UNED (OCS)
    • Educational programmes packages: ULE
    • Documentary packages: BCSSS or ISIS (BITrum)
    • Research and Project packages: IDS (Inteco, Environmental Management Institute)
  • Quality Assurance: HM | AEU
  • Dissemination: BCSSS
  • Exploitation of results: UNED (OCS)
 Pn Acronym Institution's name Country
 P1 ULEUniversidad de León Spain
 P2 HMHochschule München Germany
 P3 UAEUniversity of Aegean Greece
 P4 UNEDUniversidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia Spain
 P5 BCSSSBertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science  Austria
 P6 IDSInstitute für Design Science Germany
 P7 ISISInternational Society for Information Studies Austria

Associate partners
 Acronym Name Country
 OCS Observatory for the Cyber-Society Spain
 Inteco Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías de la Información Spain
 IRENA  Institute of Natural Resources  Spain
 BITrumResearch Group for the Interdisciplinary Study of Information Spain

TIMES and extent of the eventual SUPPORT

The project (as depicted within the pages of this site, and as it must be arranged and agreed by the consortium as a whole) would start
, in case of being elected, at the beginning of the next academic year (e.g. Oct.2012), and would finish 3 years after. 

You can have an orientation concerning how much work it might represent by seeing in the work plan described in this site. CE funds are enough to cover wages for contracted personnel working on the development, whereas proper personnel of the institutions belonging to the consortium may do supervision and management of the research and development itself. This working effort of institution's staff suffices for demonstrating the necessary financial effort of the institution (25% of total budget). Networking activities, travel expenses, equipment and indirect costs are covered as well. The specific budget has to be worked out after the pre-proposal, in which specific tasks will be assigned. 

It is particularly important that all of us try to provide some real added value to the global system. It is that what make a project eligible. Depending on that, the expenses might also differ.
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