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DescriptionDue DateResponsibleTeamComplete
DescriptionDue DateResponsibleTeamComplete
Proposal submission to Erasmus+ April 30, 2014 José María J.M.Díaz, E.Díez, R.Zimmermann, W.Hofkirchner, F.Álvarez, M.Stavrakis, G.Dodig-Crnkovic et al.  
Workshop on Understanding Complexity January 30, 2014 José María J.M. Díaz, R. Zimmermann, P. Benito  
Workshop on Social Networks (PRIMER meeting) September 15, 2013 José María J.M., W.Hofkirchner, F.Álvarez, G.Dodig-Crnkovic, P.Fleissner, M.Stavrakis, D.Domínguez  
Workshop on Open System Thinking May 17, 2013 José María J.M., W.Hofkirchner, F.Salto, F.Álvarez, G.Dodig-Crnkovic  
Proposal Elaboration for LLP/Erasmus+ January 31, 2013 José María José María, Rainer, Modestos, Wolfgang, Francisco A., Robert  
Each partner must fulfil the corresponding "Part C-Organisation" of the appication form January 24, 2013 José María LLP consortium  
Presentation of the LLP proposal at the Faculty council of HM December 10, 2012 José María José María, Begoña, Rainer  
Proposal Sumission to ALFA III March 20, 2011 José María José María, Arturo  
Proposal Elaboration for ALFA III (consortium level) March 15, 2011 José María José María, Arturo  
Proposal submission - INFRA 1.2.2 November 23, 2010 José María José María, Consortium  
Proposal for consortium agreement November 18, 2010 José María Consortium  
Draft v.2 of FP7-proposal November 15, 2010 José María Consortium  
Pre-proposal consortium meeting November 3, 2010 José María José María, Jorge Morato  
Convening pre-proposal consortium meeting October 22, 2010 José María José María  
domusBITae presentation at SEFA-2010, Tenerife, Spain October 14, 2010 José María José María, Francisco Salto  
domusBITae presentation at IBERSID, Zaragoza, Spain October 5, 2010 José María José María, Leticia Barrionuevo  
COST proposal collection - domusBITae as research tool September 24, 2010 José María José María, Francisco Salto  
Presentation of domusBITae at FIS2010 (Beijin) as an integrated scientific framework August 23, 2010 José María José María  
Presentation of domusBITae in ICT&Society Network Meeting July 1, 2010 José María Pérez-Montoro, Carlos Aguilar, José María  
Proposal for spanish support: international infrastractures June 23, 2010 José María ULE, UB, UC3, Inteco  
Participation in e-Infraestractures Reflection Group Workshop June 17, 2010 José María José María, Félix (Inteco)  
Publication of Interview to Elisabeth June 14, 2010 José María Tony Hoffman  
Proposal for Spanish support: Plan Avanza June 14, 2010 José María José María, Paco, Jorge  
Proposal for Spanish support: preparation of EU project April 5, 2010 José María José María, Paco, Ignacio, Mario, Leticia  
Proposal for Spanish Support: virtual research community April 5, 2010 José María Paco, José María, Mario, Leticia, Ignacio  
Create pages of SoII Members into BITagora March 24, 2010 José María Tony Hoffman, José María  
Publication of the Interview with Luciano March 15, 2010 José María Paco  
Interview of Wolfgang ready for publishing February 5, 2010 Paco Paco, Wolfgang  
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