3.2 Dissemination

Since a significant engagement of the target community is required to meet project goals in the design, developing and operational stages of Domus BITae deployment, special effort will be taken to achieve a good dissemination of project objectives, membership calls and results especially to the identified target community, but also to: academic and educational audience as potential stakeholders, industry as interested in the practical aspects of the scientific research, institutions and governments as interested in its societal relevancy, and citizens since it concerns the key issue of the society where they are immersed.  In order to ensure a good coordination of all dissemination issues, a specific role for coordination of communication means is foreseen (§2.1). This role is given to INTECO since it has access –as public body- to a large variety of communication channels.

The specific means envisaged to chiefly improve the impacts of the initiative are:

1.       The website of the virtual community will be developed as a mean itself for dissemination. The public accessible pages will be designed in order to provide a fresh, dynamic, summarized and clear picture of the whole system. Special care will be taken in the design of the homepage and most accessible pages, pursuing a balance among: scientific interest, useful and practical information for target community, public concerns and a clear track for membership and partaking. The mead-term launching of the core system, hosting the first two communities, is planned as a special measure to gather the target community.

2.       The directory of communities will include a sub-directory of relevant open calls, new activities and publications. A qualitative maintenance of this useful information is foreseen as a measure to keep the interest of the target community into the system.

3.       Scientific peer-reviewed journals (TripleC, IRIE and others) by publishing articles where the ideas and possibilities of the system as scientific mean to achieve relevant research are highlighted.

4.       Consortium and usage community will commit themselves to use their particular communication channels to disseminate the system. Specifically, SoII and Inteco’s communication channels will devote to the dissemination of Domus BITae into industry-, institutional-, governmental- and public audiences, and offering spaces to community members as means to show and promote inclusiveness.

5.       Scientific Meetings. The planned design meeting can be convened as an open call to bring initiatives to foster the science of information. A second meeting concurring with full system launching might pursued new proposal for the same issue and a roadmap for Domus BITae maintenance and betterment. Future meeting calls might maintain the twofold objective of information science fostering and Domus BITae maintenance, therefore making this a cornerstone in the emergence of the first.

A specific agenda for dissemination, involving the commitment of the parties, is intended to provide a regular flow of information in order to maintain the interest of the target audience. The coordination of all dissemination contributions will be responsibility of the communication coordinator (§2.1).

The work envisaged as a part of the dissemination programme by any of the consortium members is considered as networking activity and specifically budgeted.