Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora para la Seguridad de las Redes y los Sistemas de Información, Spain

IntitutionThe group (Innovative Business Group for Network and Information Systems Security) gathers companies, associations, R+D+i centers and public or private organizations interested in promoting new technologies, its auxiliary industries and other sectors related with it, wishing to contribute to the aims of the Association in the Spanish Security Technologies.

The association is joined with the purpose of providing an operational structure to all companies interested in promoting and developing a Technological and Industrial Pole in ICT security. Its pillars are innovation, service delivery and training.


Apart of other common activities, it would be in charge of:

  • Design and development of the security means and policy regarding the access system to the resource center (RTD).
  • Design of the confederated access and identity in the community, including the resource center and the federated communities of users (RTD).
  • Determination of the security and trust policy for the design and development of each module and the infrastructure as a whole (cross module).
  • Design advice and assessment regarding security and trust (cross module).
  • Coordinate the security and trust council (cross module)


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Profile of staff

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