Aalborg University, Denmark


The Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology (ADMT) -involved in the project- consists of several cross-disciplinarily units sharing a common vision for the development of an innovative cluster of engineering-based environments for education and research which integrate creativity, engineering and technology within the disciplines of interactive media, digital design, architecture, urban design and industrial design. The department works to be the leading research and educational environment in Denmark that address the challenge of the interplay between creativity and technology, and to develop new growth areas in research and education directed towards the human end-user.

The Department maintains and expands the existing research and teaching centres in three Danish cities (Aalborg, Ballerup and Esbjerg). It includes 100 employees and provides teaching to over 1000 students country-wide.


Besides all the common activities, specifically:

• Coordination of the “Usability and user experience” cross-module.
• Development of the “virtual meeting room” within the Workings group toolkit
• Participation in the “Interoperability and system integration” cross-module.
• Contributions to the glossary.


Areas of expertise and research include (among others) interaction design, human perception and evaluation techniques, computer graphics and sound synthesis for interactive media and VR, computer vision, computer science, cognitive ergonomics, human machine interaction, digital culture and interactive media science.
The department has extensive experience in implementing and testing multimodal immersive and interactive systems.

Examples of projects:
NIW - Natural Interactive Walking (ICT-2007.8.0 FET Open)
Paco-Plus (IST-FP6-IP-027657)
Sound forum Oresund (Interreg III) 
COST Action IC-0601 SID “Sonic Interaction Design”.
BENOGO (Being There Without Going), EU IST FET PRESENCE (2002-2005).

Profile of staff

Luis Emilio Bruni:  Associate Professor in the Medialogy cluster conducting research and teaching in multimodal perception and cognition, cognitive technologies, biosemiotics, cognitive and cultural sustainability in the digital age.
Researcher/developer: with experience in interactive media development, information visualization and navigation, computer graphics.