Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

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Using traditional fields within business economics and language as a starting point, CBS gives very high priority to cross-disciplinary and problem-oriented approaches. Therefore, sociology, psychology, anthropology, politology, law, philosophy and intercultural understanding are also important areas in CBS’ academic and research profile.


  • Participation in the design of the repository module: organization of the reviewing structure, and motivation policies. 
  • Participation in the design of the glossary module: semiotic network, linkage between different levels of the glossary, between knowledge domains, and between languages.
  • Participation in the usability and user experience council.
  • Participation in the interoperability council to define and assess the semantic structure of the system.
  • Contributions to the glossary


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Profile of staff

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Søren Brier is professor in the Semiotics of Information, Cognitive and Communication Science. He has conducted significant research and scientific publications in the fields of Theory of Science, Cognitive Science, Cross- and trans-disciplinary function and possible autonomy in relation to mono-disciplinary science, Cybernetics, Bio-semiotic cognition- and communication theory, Information theory, Cybersemiotics.

Ole Nedergaard Thomsen