China Center for Overseas Social and Philosophical Theories, China


The CCOSPT, established in September 2009, grew out of debates with scholars in diverse disciplines in China and abroad. The Center strives to mobilize and coordinate both innovative research and usable development. CCOSPT in integrated by a group of full-time research professors and fellows, as well as part-time scholars in various fields from inland and across the world devoted to joint research projects. Especially, surveys of Internet impacts to the modern society in China find its priority in CCOSPT.

The center aims at following the new ideas, new proposals, and new programs in social, philosophical, scientific and technical activities outside of China, and to introduce these new developments to the Chinese audience, contributing to the policy-making in the central government, and to the modernization of China.


In order to accomplish the objective of internationalising the proposed infrastructure and achieving the expected impacts, the deployment of domusBITae in the Chinese scientific community and audience becomes a fundamental task. To this end, CCO will be in charge of launching a Chinese interface of domusBITae and preparing the infrastructure for its usability in China, aiming at delivering a domusBITae platformin Chinese adapted to the contextual reality of Chinese researchers and society.

A good linkage between the resources provided in different languages must be ensured so that the Chinese researchers gain access to the scientific work of the international community, and the later is enriched with the scientific work of the Chinese community.


The Center congregates some of the most pre-eminent scholars from social and information studies. So far as the project is concerned, COO can do so much, including resources and results sharing, communication improving, discussion, scientific and innovation fostering, etc. CCO has many collaborators abroad, e.g., East-West Center, Asia Foundation, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, etc. The famous Marx/Engels-Gesamtausgabe (MEGA) is their present translation. The working languages include English, French, German, Russian, and Japanese etc.

Profile of staff

The representative is a well centered and known scientist in global community of information studies. The representative’s reputation enables him to carry out the possible impact within the community.

The team will also be integrated by several researchers and developers: a computer scientist to design the platform architecture, a programmer for the work of meeting the architectural demands, an analyst to debug the system, a translator in charge of rendering the platform into Chinese and an assistant to coordinate the works and interactions of the team.