Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana - FUNIBER, Spain

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IntitutionFUNIBER, founded in 1997, is a non-profit private organization devoted to online education, collaborative and multidisciplinary R+D+i projects and international cooperation projects. In education, FUNIBER promotes inter- university programs (Masters, post-degrees, specializations) with double-titled academic degrees. <

Task: the participation within the Project will be mainly dedicated to the deployment of specific working group tools related to educational and dissemination purposes and the  effective collaborative work.

ExperienceFUNIBER expertise is derived from an extensive experience from distance learning with the development of online campus (currently maintaining 20 campus), working in multinational scenarios (25 countries) with about 12.000 students.

The international team of about 270 employees is dedicated to develop the knowledge base, diverse programmes, and provide the personalized service.







Intelligent system  for the management of informatics  vulnerabilities



PROGNOS (system for demand forecasting for SME)



Nutrition information system (intellectual property rights)


Private funds

Integrated academic system


Socrates-Grundtvig (EC)

“Teaching Culture! Teacher Training in Intercultural Awareness”


Socrates (EC)

Tools for Intercultural Education

Furthermore, the researchers into FUNIBER accounts with experience in:

·         Participant in European network of Living Labs (ENOLL)

·         Experience in Virtual Community between professionals into broadband networks (about 4000 members).

·         Participant in open innovation projects devoted to co-design of products, collaboration tools.  

Profile of staffto carry out the deployment of the R+D project, the proposed profiles are:

  1. A RTD coordinator who is responsible for the whole technical development both inside the institution and within the consortium.  The proposed coordinator has an extensive experience in RTD international projects besides a global knowledge into the research focus area.
  2. A Scientific multidisciplinary group formed by the scientific coordinators of FUNIBER knowledge areas:  cognitive and pedagogical science, project design and collaboration,  e-learning and Information Technologies.
  3. The researchers who are specialized in the RTD technologies that will be developed in order to build the working group tools: IT platforms, enhanced and e-learning, collaborative methodologies.