Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany

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HM is one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. Particularly Faculty 13 (for General and interdisciplinary Studies) plays a significant role in the provision of a general education and has a special focus in intercultural communication and virtual education, both of significant added value to the purposes of domusBITae.


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  • Participation in the development of WG tools especially in the field of: (1) education and (2) cooperative interdisciplinary design (co-design).
  • Deploying of some educational and co-design WG.
  • The seat in the usability and user experience council will be linked to the participation of Prof. Zimmermann in a research project in which the sociological, ethical and cognitive consequences with respect to social networks and internet technologies are analysed.


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Profile of staff

The team will be leaded by Prof. Rainer Zimmerman (PhD in Mathematics in 1977 from Frei Universität Berlin; 

PhD in Philosophy in 1988 from TU Berlin), whose interdisciplinary profile is rooted in his scientific career in the fields of formal, natural, social and philosophical sciences. He has a wide international experience in different scientific fields holding or having held academic positions in different countries and institutions: Clare Hall at Cambridge, University of Kassel, University of Bologna, University of Salzburg, Technische Universität Berlin.

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