Science of Information Institute, USA


The Science of Information Institute, established in February 2006 by U.S.A. law, grew out of discussions with scholars in diverse disciplines across the United States and Europe, as well as leaders of key international governmental and non-governmental organizations whose missions span science and information. The Institute strives to mobilize, correlate, and coordinate both innovative research and usable development.


SoII will be the driven institution to gather scientists and communities of information studies into Domus BITae. It will be one of the two first communities to be shown in the system and will convene the call for membership.


The Institute congregates some of the most pre-eminent scientists in information studies at the international level, having contact with industry and academia.

Profile of staff

The representative is a well centred and valued scientist in the global community of information studies, what gives the reputation to engage the widest possible impact within the community.