Vienna University of Technology, Austria

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The TUW sub-team will be located at the Institute of Design and Techology Assessment of the Faculty of Informatics. This institute consists of 2 working groups – Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Multidisciplinary Design and Human Computer Interaction – that seek to merge sociological and other relevant social sciences research with a practical contribution to the design of information technology. 


  • Coordination of the joint development "community directory"
  • Development of the "community directory"
  • Partaking in the usability and user experience council


Research in the area of design focuses on interaction design (innovative, multimodal interfaces), design research, design methods, digital games, media art, and information visualization. Research in the area of cooperative work integrates ethnographic studies with concept development and the design of applications. 

The research application areas in HCI are on end-user's inclusion & participation, acceptance & adoption of new technologies, motivations and experiences of users, ethics and social impact of information & communication technologies. The group applies interdisciplinary, cutting-edge methodologies in order to conduct user requirement analysis, co-design of new technologies, participative design process and lab and field based, short and long-term user studies.

Profile of staff

Wolfgang Hofkirchner: is Associate Professor in Technology Assessment and was Professor for Internet and Society for the last 6 years at the University of Salzburg. He will be the working group leader of the directory.

A researcher with experience in the development of web systems and knowledge in social networks.