Unified Theory of Information Research Group, Austria


Unified Theory of Information (UTI) Research Group - Association for the Advancement of Information Sciences
UTI Research Group is a non-profit organization that aims at the advancement of reflection and discourse in academia and society about the role of Information, communication, media, technology, and culture in society. It works for building a better understanding and for dialogue in information science, communication and media studies, and science and technology studies (STS). It is interested in advancing critical ideas, approaches, methods, and research that are needed for establishing a global sustainable information society.


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The experience of the UTI Research Group that is needful for the project at hand is the current status of its networking activities.

The UTI Research Group is member of the EU COST Project “Living in Surveillance Societies (LiSS)“ (ISO 807). 

Members of the board of directors Prof. Wolfgang Hofkirchner and Prof. Christian Fuchs are the coordinators of the ICTs-and-Society Network (http://www.icts-and-society.net/) that comprises members of the communities of Information Science, Social Informatics, New Media Studies, Internet Research, Information Society Research, and so on. 

Hofkirchner and Peter Fleissner are in charge of registering the International Society for Information Studies as association by Austrian law. The decision to found this society for reasons of networking all sciences of information, of information technology and of information society was taken at a conference "Towards a new Science of Information" held in Beijing 2010 and co-chaired by Hofkrichner. 

The UTI Research Group hosts the website of the "Foundations of Information Science (FIS)" community. Fleissner and Hofkirchner support the activities of FIS since the beginning.

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