3.1 Management

The following figure shows the most relevant roles regarding the management of the project and the most relevant relation among parts. Three different management roles are distinguished: 
  1. coordination, which affect any other activity, 
  2. design council, which monitors and advice all design and development, and 
  3. development chiefly devoted to an specific DomusBITae module.
Figure 1: Management structure

Regarding decision making, the tasks of the project may be divided in those subject to:

         Coordinative Approval (CoA), if just a coordinator can decide;

         Team Approval (TA) if a particular team can decide by itself;

         Design Council Approval (DCA), if the assessment of design council is to be committed.

         Consortium Approval (CA) if the agreement of all parts is mandatory; and

         Members Approval (MA), if also the members of the usage community should take part.

While the first two kinds of approvals will drive the decision taking within the working packages, the others will articulate the developing of the work as a whole.

The coordinative approval is committed to the supervision of the work within working packages concerning both consortium and FP7 criteria, therefore all team reports are subject to such approval.

Any decision making within the teams will be driven under responsibility of the head of each team, who may articulate the involved personal according to their particular task and organization.

Any other decision concerning functional modules of the system or integrated systems, has to be agree by all parts by means of any of the last tree categories of approvals according to the scheme depicted in figure 2.

Figure 2: Evolution of work regarding the necessities of agreement