3.3 Resources

Programme Dependence

The material support for the development of the proposed work will be attained to the funding scheme of the programme to be applied. The following criteria is adapted to EC support. The specific rates to be applied depend on the programme (e.g. rate of indirect/direct costs; support ratio for management-, networking-, research-, develop-, service activities)

Eligible costs

All eligible costs (according to the principles of non profit and co-financing) will be transferred to the corresponding management offices of each participant following the payment FP7 criteria, which implies some pre-financing and the reimbursement subjected to reported achievements.

Direct costs

Direct costs corresponding to participants’ staff will be accounted with regard to the working time and assumed as a part of their salaries.

Direct costs corresponding to personnel not belonging to institution’s staff will be endowed by means elected by the institutions regarding their particular regulations (temporal contract, grant, etc), but in either case the time devoted to the project has to be warranted, technically supervised and properly remunerated with the normal practice of the participants (including social security charges and any other statutory cost).

The institutions will supply those direct costs to be committed by the participants, i.e. the corresponding rate for joint research activities (RTD), by means of the corresponding dedication of their own staff.

Indirect costs

Eligible indirect costs corresponding to each part will be mobilised by its representative and accounted according FP7 criteria.

Non eligible indirect costs related to the project will be also provided by participants.

Others resources

Other relevant material resources committed for the development of the project will be:

         Space in ULE web server (including maintainance)