Work Packages

The Work will be structured in the following packages:
  • WP 1 | Management and Coordination | Lead P.: P1/ULE
  • WP 2 | Infrastructure development and integration | Lead P.: P3/UAE
  • WP 3 | Education Modules | Lead P.: P1/ULE
  • WP 4 | Research Modules | Lead P.: P7/ISIS
  • WP 5 | Documentation on ODS(DS,SS,OI) research | Lead P.: P6/IDS
  • WP 6 | Dissemination and Awareness Raising | Lead P.: P5/BCSS
  • WP 7 | Exploitation of Results | Lead P.: P4/UNED
  • WP 8 | Analysis and Assessment of Results | Lead P.: P2/HM

WP 1 | Management and Coordination

Lead P.: P1-ULE
Other P.: P2-HM, P4-UNED

Main Tasks: 
  • T1.1: Project Administrative and Executive Management
    • Administrating Project Budget
    • Planing tasks
    • Monitor deadlines for deliverables
  • T1.2: Internal Coordination and Technical management
    • Coordinating tasks
    • Support on evaluation tools and resources
    • Regular contact
    • Promotion of online communication within consortium
    • Host physical and electronic meetings
Role of P2, P4: Hosting physical meetings in Munich and Toledo.

WP 2 | Infrastructure development and integration

Lead P.: P3-UAE
Other P.: P4-UNED, P1-ULE, P5-BCSSS, P7-ISIS
Associates: OCS, BITrum

Main Tasks:
  • T2.1: User requirements - Specifications
  • T2.2: Cooperative tools (dB-gate)
    • Improving dB-gate
    • Integrating new tools (in particular: tele-collaboration, ID-glossaria, ID-research-DB, e-Portfolio)
  • T2.3: e-Learning tools: hybrid learning (badge model)
    • Customizing HL
    • Tools for MOOC development
  • T2.4: Integration of cooperative and e-Learning  tools
  • T2.5: Upgrading communities (ISIS, SCII)

WP 3 | Education Modules 

Lead P.: P1-ULE
Other P.: P4-UNED, P2-HM, P3-UAE, P5-BCSSS, P6-IDS, P7-ISIS
Associates: OCS, BITrum, Irena

Main Tasks:
  • T3.1: Summer Academy
  • T3.2: Training for academia and other lifelong learning activities
  • T3.3: Development of MOOC on the ODS approach
  • T3.4: Planning of an International Educational Programme on Open Systems Thinking (ULE-HM-UNED-UAE)

WP 4 | Research Modules

Lead P.: P7-ISIS
Other P.: P1-ULE, P2-HM, P3-UAE, P6-IDS, P5-BCSSS, P4-UNED
Associates: OCS, BITrum, Irena, Inteco

Main Tasks: 
  • T4.1: Proposal of research projects and tasks (incl. guidelines for proposals)
  • T4.2: Integrating research in educational programmes
  • T4.3: Monitoring, facilitating and assessing research
  • T4.4: Development of ID-glossaria as research/educational tool
  • T4.5: Planning of an International Center for Integrative Interdisciplinary Studies (ICIIS)

WP 5 | Documentation on ODS(DS,SS,OI) research

Lead P.: P6-IDS
Other P.: P1-ULE, P2-HM, P3-AEU, P4-UNED, P5-BCSSS, P7-ISIS
Associates: OCS, BITrum

Main Tasks: 
  • T5.1: Survey on ID research (documentary: What is being done?; inquiry: Which are the attitudes towards scientific integrative approaches - OI, DS, SS?)
  • T5.2: Documentation on ID, DS, SS, OI | Compilation in a Database
  • T5.3: ID Practitioners' DB (particularly concerning DS, SS, OI)
  • T5.4: e-Portfolio for people involved: compilation, support and curation
  • T5.5: Congresses' Proceedings and book edition

WP 6 | Analysis and Assessment of Results

Lead P.: P2-HM
Other P.: P1-ULE, P3-AEU, P4-UNED, P5- BCSSS, P6-IDS, P7-ISIS

Main Tasks: 
  • T6.1: Guidelines for quality procurement
  • T6.2: Definition of measurable performance indicators for impact and quality in education and research
  • T6.3: Measuring mechanism
  • T6.4: Assessing results (per partner and associate)

WP 7 | Dissemination and Awareness Raising

Lead P.: P5-BCSSS
Other P.:  P1-ULE, P2-HM, P3-AEU, P4-UNED, P6-IDS, P7-ISIS
Associates: OCS, BITrum, Inteco

Main Tasks: 
  • T7.1: Dissemination Plan
  • T7.2: Academic publications and Conference presentations
  • T7.2: Informative sessions and mailings
  • T7.3: Training workshop concerning tools
  • T7.4: Promotional video (in cooperation with HM-Faculty of Design - students' project)

WP 8 | Exploitation of Results: International Gathering with Keyplayers

Lead P.: P4-UNED
Other P.: P1-ULE, P2-HM, P3-AEU, P5- BCSSS, P6-IDS, P7-ISIS
Associates: OCS, BITrum

Main Tasks: 
  • T8.1: Raining awareness and involvement at the decision-maker level through open-government at the universities (myUniversity)
  • T8.2: Organisation of the 3th International Summer Academy in Toledo: "The Integration of Cultures in the 3th Milenium", in which keyplayers will be invited.
  • T8.3: Presentation of the International Center for Integrative Interdisciplinary Studies, and related Study Programme.
  • T8.4: Assesing results (per partner and associate).