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2010/10/22-The Spanish Ministry of Science supports domusBITae initiative as candidate to FP7

posted Sep 28, 2010, 6:02 PM by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated Sep 18, 2011, 12:06 AM ]
We are very glad to announce that a support by the Spanish Ministry of Science (MICINN) has been recently awarded aimed at preparing the domusBITae initiative as a candidate for a programme to be developed in the European Research Area. 

The elected proposal, submitted in March 2010 to the programme of Not Targeted Fundamental Research (complementary actions), which is part of the national plan of R+D+i, was developed within this site, where it is still available (see proposal). The purpose of this supported action, as well as the programme as a whole, is aimed at developing a proposal for the engagement of Spanish research teams into the EU Frame Programme of Investigation, Research and Innovation. The team responsible for this preparatory action is composed by: Francisco Salto (main researcher, ULE), José María Díaz (ULE), Leticia Almuzara (ULE), Félix Barrio (Inteco) and Mario Pérez-Montoro (UB). 

The main tasks to be carried out are:
  • presentation of the initiative at international gatherings (strengthening the consortium)
  • convening the consortium
  • elaboration of consortium agreement
  • elaboration of proposal
  • presentation of proposal to open calls
Though the approved preparatory action is to be carried out in 12 Months starting from October 2010, the next deadline for submitting a proposal to an appropriate competitive programme is November 24th, 2010. Thus, gathering the consortium to meet some fundamental agreements is an urgent task, to be done within the next two weeks. As a guidance, consortium parties might consider the work plan depicted within this site, though now more members has to be considered (i.e. the distribution of work has to be re-distributed, though not the general plan of development sumarized in the PERT diagram. Though the preparation time for developing the aforementioned duties before the deadline of November 24th is sort, fortunately, most of these task are significantly advanced, as it can be seen in the pages of this site.