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Three new Partners for a Promising Journey on Interdisciplinary Research and Education

posted Oct 9, 2012, 6:27 PM by José María Díaz Nafría
In July the 5th 2011, representatives of the Institute für Design Science (IDS), the Bertalanffy Center for the Study System Science (BCSSS), the International Society of Information Studies (ISIS), meted together with domusBITae partners belonging to BITrum, University of León (ULE) and Hochschule München (HM) in Munich in order to discuss the initiative started by the cooperation between the Spanish and the German universities, targeted to the promotion and development of interdisciplinary methodologies in research and education. Several fields already active in such terrain (for instance, interdisciplinary investigation in information (BITrum and ISIS), System science and Cybernetics -BCSSS and Group of Cybernetics at ULE-, Ecology and Sustainability -ULE, HM, BCSSS-, Information Society -BITrum, ISIS-, Education -ULE-) would constitute fields for development of the proposed project. Some activities carried out along 2011 and 2012 constitute preliminary actions for demonstration and development of the initiative (e.g. the International Workshop on Information and Systems, Munich 18/1/12, the international meeting and summer course on "Social Networks: from indignation to change (ethic, aesthetic and politic aspects)", León 21-23/9/12).

The cooperation shall substantiate in a joint proposal to the Life Long Learning Programme of the European Commission, whose deadline for the opened call is at the end of January 2013.