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2010/07/10-Welcome to the new partners of University of Szeged (HU) and Aalborg University (DK)

posted Sep 28, 2010, 5:57 PM by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated Sep 18, 2011, 12:09 AM ]
We are very glad to inform the incorporation to domusBITae consortium during this summer of two teams from the University of Szeged, Hungary, and Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark. The former enriches the consortium with an historical and high-technology background from the Library and Infomation Science pole; the later with their innovative approaches in media technology. The heads of both teams, Lazlo Karvalics and Luis Bruni respectively, will also contribute from the expertise of their outstanding scientific works to the Science Advisory Board of domusBITae.

Lazlo and Luis, Cordially welcome to domusBITae, and thank you for your support.

University of Szeged, Hungary (USZ)

Conducted by: Lazlo Karvalics

The University of Szeged has become the largest university of Hungary outside the capital with the integration of several universities and colleges in 2000 under the name of the University of Szeged, whose history dates back over 400 years ago.  Nowadays, it constitutes not only a reference centre of knowledge with outstanding facilities (as the Education and Information Center), but also a crucial actor of innovation in Hungary. The Department of Library and Information Science is currently developing its INFORMATORIUM, a 110 square meter ultra-high tech information visualization, processing and service center, a new generation space for design and manage the information flow in academic environment. It provides excellent features for the coordination and performance of research projects.

Lazlo Karvalics; Born in Budapest, Hungary. MA in History, Literature and Linguistics; PhD and Hab. in History, ELTE,Budapest. He is Founding director of the BME-UNESCO Information Society Research Institute; associate professor, Head, Department of Library and Human Information Science,University of Szeged. Fulbright Research Scholar, George Washington UniversityCenter ofInternational Science and Technology Policy (CISTP). Teaching and research on social impacts of information technology, comparative analysis of national information strategies, information history and education in the information age. Invited expert in several EU-projects and events. Has written books, studies and plenty of small articles for the dissemination of the "Information Society thinking" and Internet-culture. (Some more strokes on his biography in domusBITae Circulus page -Advisory board-)

Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark (UA)

Conducted by:
Luis Emilio Bruni leb@create.aau.dk
The research and training programmes of the department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology are focus on the studies of human and computer relations, audio-visual effects, the human perception, immersive computer systems and new interfaces. Its laboratories provide the state of the art equipment in media technology (motion capture, visualization, sensors, etc).

Luis Emilio Bruni:
Born in 1963 in Caracas, Venezuela. Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Theory of Science at the Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (M.S. International and Global Relations, Universidad Central de Venezuela; B.S. Environmental Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, USA). Since 2004 he is at Aalborg University (Denmark) where he is associate professor at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, teaaching courses on multimodal perception and cognition, digital culture and theory of science. His current research covers relations between cognition, technology and culture with focus on sustainability. (Some more strokes on his biography in domusBITae Circulus page -Advisory board-)